Project Resources

To help you execute your term projects, please visit this page as it becomes populated with online resources for technical tools.  Please also share your wealth of knowledge and provide us with links and information about tools that might be helpful.  Likewise, don’t be afraid to seek help finding certain tools.

Please use the comments feature on this page (seen below… as in “Leave a Reply”…) to post the links and the descriptions of technologies you think might be helpful for the class.  Likewise, if you are looking for a particular tool, post a comment specifying what technological feat you would like to a tool to accomplish for your project.  Thanks everyone and good luck!

5 responses to “Project Resources

  1. NING – create your own social networking website
    Only Free with for a 30 day trial… sorry!

    But if you happen to really want to create a social networking site this might be a possibility if you nail down your concept before hand and wait to create an account in a week, but unfortunately, unless you want to pay, you’d have to make the site defunct after the Dec 10th/11th when final grades are due.

  2. MANY EYES: Visualization Software – free
    Many Eyes is a free site where anyone can upload, visualize, and discuss data. Many Eyes is a web site where people may upload their own data, create interactive visualizations, and carry on conversations. The goal is to foster a social style of data analysis in which visualizations serve not only as a discovery tool for individuals but also as a means to spur discussion and collaboration.


    Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions. Initially developed to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context, Processing also has evolved into a tool for generating finished professional work.

  4. Digital Recipe Site: IFITT (A RE-POST of Susan’s)
    Here is a possible tool for some of you with your projects. This is a tool for linking your existing social networking sites or networking sites that you might create for your project (possibly). It just provides the tool. If you understand this system, you still must provide the IDEA.

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