Email response from Alexander Galloway

Over the weekend, in accordance with our final, I decided to email Alexander Galloway. I asked him this: ”  To you, what is the most beneficial aspect of Carnivore and what does that mean for artists?” I thought it would be interesting to hear Galloway say something about it himself. 


I just received this reply:


Dear Chelsea-Lyn, 

Greetings and thanks for your note. 

I think the most beneficial aspect of Carnivore is to provide an avenue to begin to learn about networks and explore them in real time. The idea was to try to reduce the difficulty level a little bit, so people who aren’t systems administrators might also learn about packets and network flow. Although it’s also possible for Carnivore to be more creative than merely technical. So as you might know many people have used it for very beautiful visualizations — perhaps as you yourself are already doing. In my own use with it, Carnivore also spawns some interesting theoretical questions about what data visualization actually means (since of course data has no *necessary* visual form, in and of itself; the form is part of the artifice given to data by artists or scientists). 

Perhaps that addresses your question a little bit. 

I hope you are enjoying your digital art seminar and I wish you all the best, 




I thought I would share this with you all. Happy Holidays!

One response to “Email response from Alexander Galloway

  1. Good for you, Chelsea. Always best to go directly to the source, if possible. Surprisingly, many artists/designers like to respond to students’ questions.

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