What does it mean to be human



What does it mean to be human?

If you could describe what it is to be human, what word would you use? What do you think is the most desirable human trait? Is there anyone in this world who has reached perfection? My project, 10 Human Traits, tackles this issue by presenting people with a choice of choosing the most desirable or essential trait to a human being.

The website takes a deductive approach to design removing most unnecessary elements and leaving that which relates to the study. The images and graphics are kept to a minimum to insure that the focus of the viewer will be on the text and objective. I included the silhouette of a unisex human, in which I will modify based on the most common ten terms presented by the public. As well as a sketch background of The Creation of Adam, to inform the participant that they are essentially being put into a god-like role, created the first human being from what they think are worthy traits.

Work that has inspired my piece is Nancy Burson’s Beauty Composites. Her face morphing compositions aimed towards our cultures epitome of physical beauty. I decided to take this one step further, to see what physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics people desire the most within themselves and in others.

Other topics I took inspiration from are the surrealist exquisite corpses. These were not considered art by the surrealist but more like activities.  They would roll a piece of paper into a scroll, and then draw in succession in such a way that the former person could not see what the latter put. This would result in very interesting results.

At the end of this experiment the silhouette of the human I created will be modified to display all the most common attributes, physical and mental (if possible), that people chose. However this study also seeks to see if it is even possible to achieve a general consensus on the most desirable human traits.

Though I am partially satisfied with the progress I have made on this project, I do see elements that could be improved; such as coding the website to automatically choose the top 10 most submitted traits instead of physically counting the listings after the study is finished. This way the participant can fill more involved in the end result and can see which the most favored traits easily. I also plain on expanding the project to include gender roles after this part of the study is finished, and to see how it compares with the unisex traits listed in this project.


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  1. This is an interesting topic. Like Kevin in class, said it would be cool if somehow your submission could effect something on the site.

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