Participation for project!

I finalized my project and need some participants!

The project I have created requires people to participate in by using photo-manipulation. The idea behind the project is the idea of commoditizing life. I created two websites, one of a fake genetic company that created a new animal hybrid in the lab (a chicken-lizard), and one of a website selling these new animals as pets. What I would like all of you guys to do is take the picture I have on the website and cut it out and put it into a picture of the real world (along with a story if desired) in the pretense that you own the pet or have encountered this animal in the real world.

To participate, click on the website below and download the image. Once downloaded, manipulate the image using photo editing software to combine with other images to create your own story about your pet dinosaur. Then go to the blog page to post the picture and write a story about the adventures you have with your pet.

1) Download my image here:!contact/component_20591 2)Edit the image in some way to give the animal a setting in real life. If you do not already have photo editing software on your computer, you can download good ones for free – 3) Post to the facebook group here –

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