Glitches Turn Video Games Into Sublime Art

Robert Overweg, a virtual photographer, has developed a series he calls, “Glitch”. He captures, “screenshots” glitches in video games.

Most of the work looks like a mistake. Overweg’s photos are awesome and creepy because, like Magritte’s bowler-hatted men and day-lit evening streets, they’re deceptively normal.

Glitch art has become more and more popular. Comparable to Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Cloud, taking video game aesthetics and eliminating people/places/things from the game setting, Overweg, captures the glitches that are already programmed into the game. The glitches itself, can already eliminate things such as the facades of certain buildings or capturing characters in mid-air in an apocalyptic scene.

Link to the article:


for the funsies, here’s a link that shows the 6 Creepiest glitches in video games:

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