SkyNet made real?

I just found an post about a new supercomputer released about a new supercomputer called Titan. They referred to it, jokingly as SkyNet. It reminded me of the reference made in class a few weeks ago and I thought I’d share.

My thoughts:

While the the Titan computer does not have AI, if we accept Isaac Asimov’s writings (for a film version, see I, Robot), it’s theoretically possible it could develop a consciousness and become Skynet’s real life equivalent. While this would take a frightening level of development, the article contains no mention of an ability to learn, which is a key difference between the Titan and the fictional and theoretical versions. So, I think it’s safe to say that Titan is just a really impressive computer.

Any other opinions?

One response to “SkyNet made real?

  1. I do not have enough experience with supercomputers to really know anything for sure.

    The Titan’s hardware does not have the capacity on its own to become “self-aware.” The only conceivable method of achieving a being like the one’s depicted in popular fiction in today’s world would be a significant union between supercomputer-caliber hardware and some rather brilliant coding.

    Like you said, the Titan is just a really impressive computer.

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