ReConstitution 2012: Politics Never Looked So Good

Tonight is the second Presidential debate for the 2012 Presidential Election, and as most of you know, the debates can become lackluster very fast. Between the back and forth bickering, the time limits that are constantly breached by both candidates, the debates have reached an age where they’ve become dull and untrusting. There are different ways to look at a debate though, besides just watching it on TV.

ReConstitution 2012 is a new way to follow the debate in an interactive and informative manner. As the candidates each speak, each word pops up in a animation that follows the whole debate. Specific words are color coded or flagged depending on what kind of word it is (positive/negative, etc.). If you click on these words, it brings you to another part of the debate page that includes lists of repeated words said, and voice recognition charts that show through vocal tonality who is angrier or more energetic (etc.) while they are speaking.  Along with the animation, ReConstitution also cross analyzes statements through different servers to give you interactive information and stats on what was just mentioned. In a nutshell, it’s kind of like Heath Bunting’s _readme and Wisniewski’s Netomat combined for a live, interactive, and smart way of looking and learning about the debates.

The first debate can be viewed on the website in  ReConstitution form, and tonight’s debate will be live on the site as it rolls on.

You can see it at:

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