MoveEye-The Next Step in Digital Interaction




In this day and age, pushing the limits of digital interaction is commonplace. Not only are these limits pushed in how we deal with social and economic relationships, but they are also pushed in how we physically work with actual programs and pieces of hardware.

Tersier, a tech company from Minnesota, argues that the mouse, the keyboard and the remote are not ideal for interacting with digital displays. Recently, we have seen the emergence of touchscreens and motion sensing systems, such as the Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii, but Tersier is looking to take interaction even further.

Tersier’s MoveEye functions much like the Kinect by using hand motions to move through the interface, but it is much more precise. The glasses track the user’s eye movement to focus on the object that holds the user’s attention. With this concentration on a certain area, hand motions can manipulate smaller objects more accurately. The fact that the glasses are on the user’s face allows the user to interact with the screen from a farther distance as well.

The first model will be on the market in November of 2014 and will only have 2D capabilities. They plan to release a second model a year later with 3D capabilities, which will have the potential to implement applications for the military also for the medical field. With the 3D MoveEye, soldiers will be able to diffuse bombs more efficiently and doctors will actually be able to virtually move though MRIs.

This type of interface seems to have endless possibilities. Imagine being able to use your computer without a keyboard or mouse. You may argue that it is essentially a tablet that you don’t have to touch, however the difference is that the user is able to manipulate the content in a more intricate and powerful way. 

What kind of effect do you think this 3D interaction could have on the functional design of browsers, software like Photoshop, interactive art displays or even the film experience?

I’m anxious to see where MoveEye takes us.




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