Software Art

Here are some interesting art projects that use software and have a self-awareness about the contexts in which they (and similar software technologies) are being employed.  Take it as a list or menu of things to explore:

De Programming Us:

Their motto is “where the algorithm is the message.”  De programming us’s website has a list of links (yes, more links) that connect to various software based projects.  These links include the following project in case you are not so inclined to go to the source.

SVEN: Surveillance Video Entertainment Network:

This project asks the question: If computer vision technology can be used to detect when you look like a terrorist, criminal, or other “undesirable” – why not when you look like a rock star?    Note: Once You’re “There”, you can Scroll Down to See Info on an Installation, their Mobile Unit (i.e. Stalker Van), and Samples of Live Videos.

The Travesty Corporate PR Mixer:

The software at this site randomly jumbles up the text from corporate PR websites.  You can select up to 3 corporations from which it will do its PR “RE-MIX”.  If you read it, it comes out as, well, nonsense.  However, AFTER reading the couple of “remixes,” I clicked on two options as the same Corporation and it spits out the actual PR jargon from that one site – and I got the sense that the meaning is just as thin as the nonsensical re-mix.


CueJack is a rift on the CueCat scanner. The idea was that you could take CueCat and scan a product’s UPC code while shopping and be given info/advertisements on the item, so you could get ads “in-situ” (literally, in/at the site or better yet, “on location”) while shopping. However, CueJack worked instead by providing info on that company’s misdeeds, product flaws/dangers, or boycotts when the item was scanned.

One response to “Software Art

  1. I wonder if anyone else finds the Surveillance Video Network installation at the Whitney revolting and somewhat disturbing? Also it doesn’t quite work (after the remix, do these individuals really look like they belong in music video?). Too bad we don’t have more class time, this would make a great discussion.

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