Digital Technologies as tool and display

ImageI want to introduce Tiffany Carbonneau. She is an artist who works with digital technologies as a tool and as a medium/display method. When I was an undergraduate at Ohio University Tiffany Carbonneau was working towards her MFA (in ceramics actually). She realized that her ideas are better displayed using digital technologies rather than clay. Tiffany is a relatively young and upcoming artist (not as main stream as the other artists we cover) which is another reason I thought it would good to add her to our blog. 

 The majority of Carbonneau’s work is site-specific. She spends a great amount of time at different sites and studies the history, architecture, and impact these sites have on their surroundings-nature, other buildings, people, etc. She documents these ideas using a video camera and then projects the video footage on to specific architectural elements. She creates masks for the projections to control where they project. 

“The video I capture of these structures is projected onto actual and fabricated architectural elements within focal points of the community. The light of the projection then highlights specific elements of architecture that subversively influence our relationship with space on a daily basis, such as doorways, windows, and hallways.”


For more of Tiffany Carbonneau visit her website;

Artist Statement


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