Digital Installation Formats

Some links on Erwin Redl:
^ (Also check out all the cool videos/links at the bottom of the page.) 

While studying for the art history exam, I found his work to be interesting and wanted to explore more. In all his installations, he takes physical space and makes it feel like you are in a virtual world, exploring the interactive side of digital art. It seems in most or all his work, he uses LED lights to stimulate the experience. He also uses sound to enhance his work, as he describes in the “Crystal Matrix II” video, where he takes Swarovski Crystals and pairs them with LED lights, and music. 

He describes in another video about his upbringing that when he was younger he studied architecture, but also studied computer and electronic music, which describes how this is used in his artwork now. He mentions how Fred Sandback is a huge inspiration to his work and has made a large impact in his life.

I like how geometric all his designs are and how visually stimulating everything is. Walking through one of these installations must be really cool, but he hasn’t had a gallery since 2006. Anyway thought I’d share some of his other works since the powerpoint only shows a few of his installations.

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