Digital Art on Digital Billboards

Although this post does not relate to what we are covering in class, i found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you all. It also played in to the relation from Sabrina Kassab’s post of why are artists turning to interactive media and the question Proffesor Ryan arose when she said  “Must art only live in the museum or gallery? Must art be defined by the parameters of old media?”  This got me thinking, only a certain type of people will visit museums while almost everyone will look at billboards when driving their car. Being in graphic design, the use of advertisement through billboards is essential. Communicating your art work via billboard is genius! not only do you reach your normal subjects that would normally attend a museum but your also outreaching to a broader community. “Art intersects with commerce often, though usually in ways more subtle,” Williams said. The idea then causes me to question digital art and how it can become more interactive outside of a museum or gallery setting. Any ideas? (she explains her artwork) (article about the billboards)

One response to “Digital Art on Digital Billboards

  1. I am responding with an example of an analogue billboard, but it has some important ideas that could be applied to a digital format.
    This roof top billboard “posted” parts of conversations selected from engaging interactions among artists and community members that occurred in the “waffle shop” installation (now defunct) in the building below. It also sometimes posted other “installation” generated content like a list of things the installation needed or acted like an old school “community bulletin board.”

    However,one could envision a digital board with similar statements captured from some online activity or submitted from online participants. As discussed in class, _Blinkenlights_ (2001) similarly posted audience generated content, which was a part of its success as a digital art work. This aspect of audience engagement was the applicable and relevant aspect of the waffleshop billboard that might be interesting, albeit in an analogue format.

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