Hypermatrix Installation

I stumbled upon this video of a recent installation created for Hyundai Motor Group 2012 Yeosu Exposition by Korean media design group “Jonpasang”.  The installation  bridges engineering, computer programing, and interactive sculpture. There is a really cool “making of” clip aswell. Unfortunately at the end of the day the short clip feels like a bit like a  glorified car commercial that shows off the technology. It’s really cool and exciting to watch but I would love to see what other artists could create with this sort of technology.

In class we were talking about the idea of the artist’s hand and it’s role. I feel like this installation is a great example that helps expand upon what the role of the artist’s hand is in this time. Whether the mark is physical like paint on a canvas or the marriage of multiple marks from different creative communities like in this work, the overall experience should inspire or allude to something more. I dont find the content (cars) particulary inspiring  however the organic visuals, utilized technology, and magnitude of the installation makes me want to experience it for myself. The “Jonpasang” group have created a technological platfrom that can be shaped and interacted with by other artists and programmers and for me that makes this succesful. Maybe this isn’t a fine art installation but it’s an exciting technology that other artists can utilize.


One response to “Hypermatrix Installation

  1. Keep in mind that there is a difference between these artists, who probably had a nearly unlimited budget, and most artists who must use digital tools and platforms without the benefit of bankrolling. This installation is a good one to think about. Another factor that should not get lost or overwhelmed by the visuals is–what is the actual goal of the piece? How is it a marketing tool for the industry? Does that aspect conflict with other possible goals the artists might have / might have had?

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