April Greiman


April Greiman is an artist who has recently visited LSU. She critiqued our projects the other day so I did some research about her and found out she was one of the first designers to embrace computer technology as a design tool. I looked at her website and her artwork and I find it relatable to what we’re studying in class. Her “public artwork” is held on sides of buildings of video footage shot in the area. Also a lot of her artwork held in shows is photographs that are called “drive by shooting” where she uses a 35mm Nikon and captures glimpses of nature. I believe this is her mixing the digital world with the natural world. She also has many installations featuring her work by digital means.

So take a look at her website that features a lot of her art:

And to read more about April Greiman:
(sorry that its Wikipedia, but it gives a lot of good information)

(another great link to facts about her art and life achievements)

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