Denial of Service by Fax

An Info Post:

There are various forms of “denial of service” or DoS including via fax machines.

From a 2010 article…

WikiLeaks Wars Hit Fax Machines

The Anonymous group expanded its WikiLeaks reprisal attacks to include fax machines. 

Operation Payback, the campaign run by the group has been encouraging members to overload the fax machines of companies that have cut ties with WikiLeaks, after the whistleblosing site began publishing documents leaked from US embassies. Hacktivists are encouraging members to send faxes to Amazon, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Tableau Software and Moneybookers, according to Netcraft.

“The Anonymous collective are being encouraged to send faxes of random WikiLeaks cables, letters from Anonymous, Guy Fawkes, and the WikiLeaks logo to the target fax numbers all day long,” he continued.

For the Full Article Click HERE.

One response to “Denial of Service by Fax

  1. Prank faxing (and often black faxing) is something of a common device used by 4chan and Anonymous – black faxing was used in protest of Scientology (called Project Chanology) and Westboro Baptist Church also. 4chan usually propagates attacks, as well as other internet pranks, that, while done mostly for entertainment and out of boredom, have a social undercurrent which I find interesting. The internet subculture is based off of the principle of anonymity as an avenue to express true opinions (though it should be noted, the opinions are often cruel in nature)

    More about 4chan/Anonymous:

    And recently the subject of an academic paper:

    Click to access 4chan.pdf

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